What can I say about Vic and Alicia Perrone? Vic was able to find every single song I needed and the customer service was superb. Both of them (Vic and Alicia) replied to my emails even during the Thanksgiving holiday and to make their service even better, which in my honest opinion at his point was almost impossible, Vic made a “How To” video to help me fix a problem running the Ableton Live 9 program. Even though it was an operator’s error on my part (aka rookie mistake), he never made fun of my mistake. Both of them are very courteous and professional in every aspect of their careers. I am extremely happy with my purchase and their services. I recommend their services without any hesitation.

Keep up the good work and keep hustling!

Robert Meléndez

Being a musician and bandleader, I was searching for a way to make my band sound bigger, more of this time, working with beats and sounds to make it more 2017, but also to work with a smaller group of people, creating the same feel and sound of a full band. A thought of combining the songs with a DJ kind of feel. So where to start?

I was using Ableton Live Suite for some time and it was a choice of starting from scratch or build on and around existing songs itself.  I chose the last option because I wanted a foundation to start from.  But then it really starts.

I needed to make appointments with all my band members, who are spread all across the country and of course all have full agendas, to record the basics of the songs. For three sets. So that means 30 songs or more. How are you gonna do that?

It takes weeks of recording, mixing, organising etc and I had to find a way to put everything in Ableton Live. I started to search the internet on how other people are using backing tracks for different occasions. Suddenly I noticed a website which promised to have about 28,000 songs ready for Ableton Live. So I mailed them and the reply was to mail a list of the songs I needed.

After some more than friendly answers to the questions I had, I decided to go with it and had no idea if this was the right choice. Victor James replied to me with the list of available songs.

To my surprise, almost every song I needed was on the list.

One week later, an email came in the message that my files we’re ready to download. All songs came with a click and cue track and it is a no brainer to follow the songs.

This was my first order but certainly not the last. It saved me so much time and money.

Simply fantastic.

Manfred, The Netherlands produce some of the best backing tracks on the Web. I have used many of there tracks and will continue to add more to my collection. You will not be disappointed with the quality of their products. Top quality sound produced by a professional team.

WOW Just WOW!! Thank you Victor! You Saved our ASS! Sounds Gr8 – Works GR8! We will Be back soon!