Ableton vs Stems - What to Buy?

If you will be using Ableton, purchase an ABLETON package or one-off and if you are using a different DAW, simply purchase a STEMS package or one-off.  Specify in your email what you’re using just to clarify.

Version of Ableton Do I Need?

You must use Ableton 9.7 Standard or better.  Lite and Intro versions will not work.

Steps To Order

1.  Check the Premade list first and email us your choices from the list.  If you have other songs you want that are not on the list, send us a list of the songs and we will research our database for you to see if we have them available to create custom for you (our database contains 60K songs so we don’t house that list online.)

2.  If you already know which package you want, then you can buy it through the site and email your list.

3.  However, you don’t have to buy a certain package, you can buy as many or as few of Premades and Customs as you want.  We will give you a custom quote and send you a custom invoice.

4.  Remember to specify Ableton or Stems depending on what you’re using.  If you don’t work with Ableton our Stems packages will work with any DAW. 

Difference Between Premades, Customs, Songs From Scratch & Instant Downloads?

Premades are songs we have already created for other clients and then sell at a discount. (There are about 1600 songs available on the Premade list which is found on the Premade package page here: https://www.backingtrackscustom.com/product/songs-from-previously-made-backing-tack-sets/

Customs are songs we have available in our database of 60,000 songs to create for you.  They are a bit more expensive than Premades.

Songs From Scratch are songs we don’t have available in our database and have to hire musicians to create for you.  Those songs start at about $349 and go up depending on what you need.

Instant Downloads are Completed Sets of Songs by Genre that we sell at a discount (This is the only type that you will receive instantly after purchase.)

Instant Download Turnaround Time

Instant Downloads are the only orders that you will receive instantly via an auto-email back to you containing a download link.  If for some reason the site is doing an update the auto-email with the link will may glitch and not send. Simply email us if this happens and we will send it to you direct.

Premade Turnaround Time

Premade Tracks generally take 48-72 hours and sometimes will be delivered faster depending on quantity of tracks and/or backlog on our end.

Custom Tracks Turnaround Time

Custom Tracks take about 2-7 days depending on quantity of tracks and/or how backlogged we are.

Tracks From Scratch Turnaround Time

Tracks created from Scratch where stems are not available to us to custom create with and we have to actually hire musicians typically take anywhere from 7-21 days to create depending on our backlog.

Are These Original Tracks from the Original Artists?

No, these are cover tracks. The associated Record Company owns the original performance tracks and they don’t allow usage.  You actually cannot buy original stems by law, they have to be remakes aka covers.

Can I buy just One Song?

Yes, just email us for pricing (usually ranges between $20-$30) and we’ll send you a custom invoice via Paypal where you can pay with a credit card.

Rush Order on Premades or Customs

Please contact us first if you need your delivery in 24 hours.  You can pay an extra fee for that service.

Didn't Receive Your Instant Download Link?

When you purchase an Instant Download Package, you should immediately receive an auto-email back containing your link.  If you don’t, check your spam.  If it’s not there contact us viaemailand we’ll send it to you directly.

Delivery & File Format

You will receive a Dropbox link to download. The files are wavs.

We have access to over 50,000 songs with full Backing Tracks stems and we now have over 1000 Pre-Made and ready to go, We add click, 2-bar count-in and voice cue track. We purchase our tracks from the very best Live Band Backing Tracks/Stems site on the web, recorded with real bands and awesome singers!
We get these tracks as stems / individual tracks i.e. individual Drums, Percussion, Keys, etc. Then we do the following for you:

  • Import them into Ableton 9.7,
  • Line them up on the grid to the right BPM.
  • Add an 8-count intro, so the drummer can have 4 counts and he can also then count off 4 for the band.
  • Consolidate every track to line up perfectly to the grid and click.
  • Move all 8 tracks back to clip mode with the Name, BPM and Time Signature so everything is ready for your live performance.
  • Then add a Cue track.
  • Our sets are made to use with Ableton 9.7 or higher, or we can sell them as stem packs to use with your own DAW
  • All sets come with your choice of songs, completely set up and ready-to-go. They include all the backing tracks, click track

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